Nonfiction Community is a goods and services brand that was established in early 2019. Our sole purpose is to teach the youth within underprivileged communities the value of apparel building from beginning to end, by demonstrating how to construct garments through our marketing content, workshops, and product aesthetic. A portion of all proceeds go towards equipment and materials for our product building workshops.
The mission is to make our community self-sufficient.


Christine Ho, Co-Owner

Hometown: Malden, Massachusetts

Favorite Quote: "Do It Now, Sometimes Later Becomes Never"

With arts and crafts being the pinnacle of my creativity, I was able to nourish my skills by obtaining a degree in Fashion Design.   My passion lies in giving direction on how to bring designs to life within the local communities that caters to the youth. Aside from sewing, my other form of creative expression is through the love of dance. I hope to be inspirational by being a resource to the youth.

Marte' Currie, Co-Owner

Hometown: Gary, Indiana

Favorite Quote: "The More You Teach, The More You Master"

As a proud graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington), local to my hometown, my journey to understand resiliency is what brought my dream to life. At the early age of 16, I knew my aspirations were to pursue something that was bigger than myself which was to go back to Gary and cities alike, to help support them to become self-sufficient. The power within our community lies within the knowledge that ‘we’, as one, pass along to help create the visions of those after us. I’ve dreamed to make the unimaginable possible by working with different designs and materials on produced goods. I’ve demonstrated my passion to create in every facet of my life from customized T-shirts in High School to what you see today (Nonfiction Community). I truly believe our garments are more than just a piece of an individual’s attire, but a reflection of one’s unique personality. I hope this helps to give you a short glimpse into the future of our COMMUNITY.

Leona, Head Kids' Designer

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Favorite Quote: "Team Work Makes The Dream Work"

I am 6 years old and I am glad to be a part of NONFICTION COMMUNITY. I love when my mom Christine makes a lot of stuff like masks, T-shirts, and earrings. She also makes wallets. I want to be a lot of things like a scientist, a contortionist, and an artist. My favorite thing to do is to draw and make friends.